Omni marine is a custom aluminum, fiberglass and Canvas Shop

T-tops, hard tops, spotting stations, towers, poling platforms, swim platforms, casting platforms, leaning posts, bow rails,
boat, cover, Bimini top, seats, on-site fiberglass shop



Review From Flats

The question that I ask Omni Marine and their fabricator, Joey Manning is…is it art or is it fabrication? Some would say Functional Art, I would have to agree. Having been the owner of three plus boats that have been equipped with towers, one of which that was built by Omni. I can tell you that the way a tower looks in your boat can sometimes mean more than how it functions. The bottom line is that towers are cool. The tower allows you get a view that most others do not have, but the down side can be, in the words of my friend Captain Chris Joseph, “you see more fish than you can catch”. That can be frustrating sometimes. I guess it is better not to see them and just believe they weren’t home when you got skunked. Don’t get me wrong a good tower is hard to beat and the key word here is “good”. When it comes to making good towers and T-tops not many do it  better than Omni Marine.

Omni is located at 2640 South McCall Road (AKA 776) Englewood, Fl. (941)474-4614. Omni has a reputation of building solid and reliable custom fabricated products. They can build just about anything right on their property, from a custom tower for any boat, to curtains for your cabin cruiser. They can rig, weld, and sew all in the same place. Wow, one stop shopping! I wanted you, the reader, to see just what goes into making these welded art forms so I followed custom fabricator Joey Manning for three week as he constructed a one of kind custom tower, for a large flats boat. Joey, who has been working for Omni Marine for approximately seven years, has built around 500 towers and t-tops from scratch so I guess he kind of knows what he is talking about, when it comes to this topic. I asked Joey if he considered himself an artist or fabricator and he said he possibly both. I tend to think that he is more artist than anything because he cares about his work and the custom designs look more like art than anything else. The tower is formed from approximately 100 feet of aluminum tubing, shaped to Joey’s liking. The bent and shaped tubes are tack welded to hold them in place. Once the complete tower is formed and somewhat solid it is moved to the boat. The final structural support pieces are put in place and tacked. The structure is then taken back out of the boat and the final welding is done in the shop over a period of “days”. Once the welding is completed each individual weld is airbrushed with paint to match the aluminum, to ad that perfect touch. The tower is placed back in the boat and secured to the deck. Then the rigging starts, which can take several days in itself. The final project is solid and sure to attract attention anywhere you go. Joey has around seven days in this tower you see, with approximately 60 man hours. The seats are sewn to perfection by the Omni seamstress and the rigging is done by another worker before the structure can be seen by the public. The crew at Omni takes pride in their product so rest assured that when a project leaves their facility, it is top notch. This tower is no exception to that rule. The next time you ponder having a tower or T-top made for your boat and you receive a higher than expected price quote, remember that these things aren’t just whipped up in some factory in China. This takes American craftsmanship and that is what you are paying for, Quality. Great work guys!